Detlef Schwefel

Professor Dr. Detlef Schwefel

Main areas of expertise

Health systems
in Europe and developing countries

  • health systems analysis
  • health systems research
  • health insurance systems
  • health economics and financing
  • health information systems
  • health promotion
  • social issues and health
  • training and teaching
International development
and development sociology
  • socio-economic impacts
  • poverty and vulnerability
  • basic needs strategy
  • knowledge management
  • evaluation and technology assessment

Weimarer Str. 31
10625 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: 0049 – 30 – 318 027 23
Fax: 0049 – 30 – 318 069 90
Skype: schwefeld

Selected publications available as PDF-files

Gesundheitssystemforschung (2012, 2017), Federalism and health in Nepal & Health care in federal countries (2011), Social health protection and social health insurance. Lessons for Nepal from abroad? (2009), Social protection and social health insurance in the Philippines (2009), National health accounts 2006 for Syria (also in Arabic ) (2008), Towards a national health insurance system in Syria (2008), Nine case-studies on health benefit and insurance schemes, private health care providers and household health expenditure in Syria (also in Arabic ) (2007), Gerechtigkeit und Gesundheit (2006), Towards a national health insurance system in Yemen (also in Arabic ) (2005), Gesundheit als Menschenrecht und Produktivkraft (2005), Gesundheit, Entwicklung und Globalisierung (2003), Health, development and globalisation (2003), Salud, desarrollo y globalización (2003)

¿Cómo curarnos con plantas medicinales? (2000), Páginas del PAPS. Guatemala (1998-2000), Grundbedürfnisbefriedigung durch Entwicklungspolitik? Sisyphos und der Großinquisitor als entwicklungspolitische Leitbilder (1997), HAMIS. A health and management information system for the Philippines (1995), Strengthening good health care management. The HAMIS Contests and the Federation of the HAMIS Winners in the Philippines (1995)

Economic aspects of AIDS and HIV infection (1990), The Product-Path-Analysis. A method of socioeconomic project appraisal (1989), Effects of long-term unemployment on health (1987), Soziale Wirkungen von Projekten in der Dritten Welt (1987), Unemployment, social vulnerability, and health in Europe (1987), Socio-economic health system research at the MEDIS Institute of the GSF (1986), Sozioökonomische Aspekte der Gesundheitssystemforschung (1984), Bedarf und Planung im Gesundheitswesen (1978)

Grundbedürfnisse und Entwicklungspolitik (1978), Basic Needs. Planning and Evaluation (1978), Who benefits from production and employment? Six criteria to measure the impact of development projects on poverty and need satisfaction (1976), Indikatoren der sozialen Gerechtigkeit (1972)

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